How to Fall in Love With a Fish

What’s in a name? Everything. That’s why in recent years, several UK fish species have undergone name changes in the hopes of reeling in new fans. You say Pilchard, I say Sardine. Does it really matter? Well apparently, it does. Food names influence consumer behaviour enormously, to the point that whole species of late haveContinue reading “How to Fall in Love With a Fish”

The British and Seafood- Why Don’t We Eat It?

The UK is an island surrounded by some of the coldest, deepest, most pristine fishing waters in the world. The north sea contains huge stocks of cod, herring and other species. Brown crab, scallops and salmon grown in UK waters are considered to be among the best in the world in terms of quality andContinue reading “The British and Seafood- Why Don’t We Eat It?”